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Church Staff

Associate Ministers

Rev. Dr. Lawrence Dunwoody

Minister Alyson Hemmitt

Minister Dean Moore, II

Church Staff

Dr. Tawana Langford, Exec. Asst to Senior Pastor

Betty Hudson, Office Administrator

James Martin, Building Superintendent

Marvin Burton, Security

James Alexander, Security

Roy Walton, Security

Youth Ministry Team Members

Deacon Alisa Burke, Youth Ministry Leader  

Amy Dickerson, Youth Ministry Leader

Krysten Wright, Youth Ministry Leader  

Auxiliary & Ministry Leaders

Trustee Gwendolyn Wilson, Trustee Ministry Chairperson

Deacon Gena McClanahan, Sunday School Superintendent

William Burke, Director of Christian Education

Dorothy Faulkner, First Usher Board President 

Verdia Fox, Mission Ministry Leader

Deacon Edwin Moore, Deacon Board Chairperson

Deaconess Stephanie Monk, Deaconess Board Chairperson

Deacon Robert Bruce, Men's Ministry President

Deacon Alisa Burke, Women's Ministry President

Minister Alyson Hemmitt, TNT Ministry Chairperson

Trustee Toni Hall, Media Ministry Lead

Trustee Betty Hudson, Progressive Usher Board President

Audrey Kendrick, Nurses Ministry President

Trustee Vanessa Matthews, Music Ministry President

Iniquia Miller, Creative Arts Ministry Chairperson

Sandra Philpott-Burke, Social Justice Chairperson

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